What’s happening with the gas and oil crisis?

  • Wholesale gas and power prices rallied over the summer
  • Rising wholesale energy costs are passed on to consumers
  • European households set to feel the pinch this winter

Fears it could lead to food shortages?

High prices have already led to the closure of two large fertiliser plants in Teesside and Cheshire, which produce carbon dioxide as a by-product.

How could it impact medical care?

An even greater concern is that CO2 shortages could put NHS surgeries at risk, potentially compounding an already mammoth backlog.

How will the gas crisis impact households?

More than 38 per cent of the UK’s gas demand is used for domestic heating and 29 per cent for electricity. Households — 22 million of which are connected to the gas grid — could see their energy bills jump by as much as £400 in a year, according to some estimates.

How will the crisis end?

Former head of Ofgem, Dermot Nolan, has said the UK is likely to face high energy prices for the rest of the year. But a milder winter in Europe could help to calm the market and stop gas prices soaring.



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