Day 3 — The life cycle of a t-shirt

How often do you get up on a weekend and throw on
whatever clothes come to hand without even thinking
about their origin? How can the global journey of a
simple t-shirt have such economic impact?

T-shirt production has positive and negative effects. Often we buy clothing items to benefit us however no one thinks about the negative effect that it has on our planet environmentally.

Annually we sell and buy 2 million t shirts globally making it one of the most common garments in the world. How is the average t-shirt made and what is its environmental impact?

  • Typical t-shirt begins its life on a farm in America, China or India

Negative impacts of t-shirt production:

  • Enormous carbon footprint

What can we do to change these stats?

  • Shop second hand

The Life cycle of a plastic bottle

  • crude oil extracted from ground



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