Contestable in economics means that a company can be challenged or contested by rival companies looking to enter the industry or market. In other words, a contestable market is a market where companies can enter and leave freely with low sunk costs.

If firms in a market have equal access…

Article 1 — Analysis

Asda asked its customers to “continue to shop considerately and not buy more than they normally would.”

There was a surge in online grocery shopping after new lockdown restrictions were announced on Monday, but demand has since dropped back.

Stores said they have good availability and…

The primary cause of the great recession was the credit crunch (2007–08) where the global banking system became short of funds, leading to a decline in confidence and decline in bank lending.

  1. In 2000–2007, US banks made a big increase in sub-prime mortgage loans. These mortgages were very risky, but…

What will 2020 bring?

Ethiopia VS Turkey

Ethiopia is a rapidly growing country, and Turkey is an emerging market country. The fundamental difference between these classifications is that emerging nationsare growing rapidly and becoming more important in world economics, while developing nations are struggling and still need help from trade partners around the world.

An economic and political system in which a country’s trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit, rather than by the state.

Capitalism is often thought of as an economic system in which private actors own and control property in accord with their interests, and demand and supply…

Every economy goes through a specific set of stages. This is absolutely normal. But what are those stages?

On a graph of real GDP to Time, there is a trend growth line and an actual growth line. Actual growth is never a smooth line. It fluctuates. The trend growth can be a straight line. When growth hits a peak we call this a boom a d when the growth is falling we call this a recession. The lowest point is known as a trough and when the trend starts to fall back into place we call this a recovery.

  • Billionaires are the 0.0001%
  • Roughly 100 billionaires in the Chinese parliament
  • 1987 140 billionaires totalling 300 billion dollars.
  • 2019 15 times as many with over 30 x more wealth totalling over 9 trillion dollars.
  • If todays billionaires formed a country it would be the 8th richest country in the world!

Joe Abrahams

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